Filming a Galveston Flounder Gigging Show for Fox Southwest Outdoors Report

August 24, 2013

Two weeks ago while on a fishing charter, and taking care of a 6 customer (four kids) charter, my phone rang.  We were nailing some very nice speckled trout, but with me being the fishing guide, boat mechanic, booking secretary, etc... I have to answer or risk missing a new customer.  So, I answer the phone and hear this on the other end - "Hi Captain Greg, this is Barry Stokes with Fox Southwest Outdoors Report.  We have never done a flounder gigging segment on our TV Show, and I was told by Bill Olson that you are the man in Galveston to gig flounder.  Would you be interested in filming a show next week?"  I said, "Barry, yes I am interested - but I am knee deep in speckled trout with four kids aboard and two adults... I cant talk right now."  Barry said "No problem - call me this afternoon when you get off the water." 

After I hung up, I thought to myself.... did I just do that?  Well I called him back after my trip, and we set up the date to film a Galveston Flounder Gigging Show.  We filmed it Wednesday, August 21st. 

Knowing conditions were not in our favor, my son Gregory and I headed to Galveston with the gigging boat in tow, to meet Barry Stokes and the Fox Camera Crew.  Gregory came along to help me in spotting our fish, and manuevering the boat to gig.  We met Barry at the ramp, and it was evident he was excited to make this film.  He had never gigged flounder and was asking many important question.  After a brief introduction, etc - we took off into the sunset to begin our hunt for the Elusive Galveston Flounder.

Now, gigging flounder on a full moon is a little tricky, but we do it all the time.  Trying to capture gigging a flounder on a full moon is extremely tricky.  Not to mention we were experiencing a stiff ESE wind, so where I have been finding our fish on recent was completely out of the question because of the wind direction and speed.

We began in an area I had been having some success, but not the area I knew was almost guaranteed to have fish.  Wind plays a big part in flounder gigging and the areas we can gig, so I have to go with what mother nature deals me and make it happen.  So the hunt began.....Once I would spot a fish, then we get the camera rolling and everyone in position - the flounder would become skittish and dart out into the deep.  We experience skittish fish on a full moon often, but we usually are able to get our flounder.... just got to be a little quicker!  At any rate, the first 7 fish I spotted and tried to get on film - outsmarted our abilities at filming a flounder being gigged..... on a full moon anyhow.

"Patience and Perseverence" is a quote I use many times on trips like this.  One thing about fishing, flounder gigging, hunting, or anything to do with Mother Nature, Fish, and Wildlife..... Patience is a much needed virtue to be a consistently successful angler or hunter.  I also like to use the word 'Persevernce' - meaning steadfastness, holding and maintaining a course despite difficulties.  A night like this calls for both.  I told Barry "Patience and Perseverance" and he knew exactly what I was talking about.  Barry is a very seasoned angler and knows first hand what these two words mean.  Any successful fisherman knows and has these qualities if they are consistently successful.  Some days or nights fish just seem to jump in the boat and limits are quick and easy and we know we were successful.  Other days or nights, when conditions are not favorable or fish are not feeding - yet we stay patient and persevere - and end up with a decent number of fish when most people would not even attempt to go out - I call that an extremely successful trip.  To me success is measured by the amount of effort combined with the results expected with conditions at hand.

On this night, with an opportunity to make a TV show for a very well know Network - I was tested.  Patience and Perseverance are two of the most valuble qualities to have as a fishing guide, angler, or hunter.  We won on this great night.  My son Gregory, and I along with Barry Stokes put together a Galveston Flounder Gigging Show that will be aired this next week on Fox Southwest Outdoors Report, Thursday, August 29th at 10:30pm and again on Saturday, August 31st at 8am.  I hope you can tune in to the show, and see what a great time you can have Gigigng Galveston Flounder!

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